Send Gmail message using Autohotkey and Python


The bulk of this is in python and you need python 2.7 installed probably. Then open a command window and install the dependencies…
py -m -2 easy_install pyOpenSSL
py -m -2 easy_install pycrypto
py -m -2 easy_install google-api-python-client

Tip- make sure you install the modules to the correct version of python hence the -m -2 for default version of python 2. Continue reading


How to learn C++ the easy way!

Many people tell you that you need to learn C++ (or any coding language) the hard way. They mean you need to do examples to really learn the language. What they forget is that when you want to learn a programming language there are often dozens of other tools related to the language that you need to understand how to use to even begin learning said programming language. Trying to learn a topic from several different angles at once is obviously difficult and confusing! Continue reading