Send Gmail message using Autohotkey and Python


The bulk of this is in python and you need python 2.7 installed probably. Then open a command window and install the dependencies…
py -m -2 easy_install pyOpenSSL
py -m -2 easy_install pycrypto
py -m -2 easy_install google-api-python-client

Tip- make sure you install the modules to the correct version of python hence the -m -2 for default version of python 2. Continue reading


Free Stub Acme Thread Note Calculator

Click here to download free Stub Acme/Acme Thread Calculator

This post is aimed at anyone that needs to calculate quickly the Major, Minor and Pitch diameters for a single start Stub Acme thread. As an engineer, this is the fastest way to generate note call-outs on drawings without any typos. The forumlas shown could also be used by anyone else that needs Stub Acme dimensions for something. Continue reading

Autocad and Autohotkey – How to speed up your workflow

Many of us still use Autocad for editing old drawings, charted drawings and layouts. The Autocad visual interface can be time consuming to click through the menus even for something simple like changing an object to a different layer. Repetitive actions like blocking every part in a new layout or constantly switching between layers 0 and DIM while editing a drawing make this pain evident. Continue reading