The Work of The Cross/How to Be a Christian


You are who this is really to. You have always been there for me even when I knew so little about you. I don’t understand how I have missed for so long what now seems like it should have been the beginning of my relationship with you. I guess I knew it in some ways through experiencing you but I understood so little of what was happening… it was more like I was seeing glimpses of you through a fog instead of receiving a written invitation to a new you/me.

My First Beginning

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Where Does Donald Trump Stand on Issues Number 1 – Abortion

I haven’t heard ANY insightful comments in the mainstream media as to why Trump supporters are voting for him based on where he stands on key issues. This is obviously because the MSM disagrees with Trump on key issues and doesn’t want to give them any airtime on the chance that would make them seem like valid arguments. Without anything insightful to add to the discussion they simply avoid it (which is wise for them). The only insightful comment I have heard in the MSM is that people are angry and want change. That is now obvious. However, anger fades and now there is a new president so lets talk about what now. This post is for Hillary Clinton supporters who are now interested in respectfully trying to understand their previous opponents. If you just want to argue/blast someone, please move to the CNN comments section. Hopefully this post will actually be read by someone and they will begin to understand more what many of the people who voted for Donald Trump are expecting from him and why.

Pro Abortion Logic Responses from a Pro Lifer

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