RC Project How to Choose Motors and ESCs (Speed Controls)


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Electronics are the most expensive part by far for something like my RC project XFire. Like most, I am on a tight budget. I only want to build something if it is fun (fast and tough). But it also needs to be cheap. With all electronics the cost is usually related to the power that the electronics need to handle. P=IV so we need to consider both the current and the voltage. Like any product, availability is also a huge factor in cost. If China is making a million size x motors and less of size y then size y motors will probably not be the best value. Sometimes the availability will determine the cost more than the actual cost to manufacture the component.

Motors and kV (RPM/V)

In order to use a variable speed electric motor you need something that can moderate the voltage going to the motor. Continue reading

How to Design a Custom RC Car – Part 1


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I have decided to create the most thoroughly documented custom RC car project ever! I think that many people have shared my experience of being really interested in some cool tech project but are too intimidated by the lack of documentation of the other cool projects they got their idea from. Or you simply understand several parts of your project but are not sure how to put them together. Or maybe you just don’t know the first steps to take to start your awesome project. Join me as I show you the process that you could take to accomplish a similar project. Continue reading