What Does Love Look Like in Rush Hour Traffic?

My wife challenged me this morning on honking at someone that wasn’t accelerating fast enough for me (I almost missed a light). This has been an ongoing issue for us and so I decided to settle it once and for all with the Bible. I had one question going in, “Is it wrong for me to honk at someone who is preventing me from driving how I want due to their not paying attention or lack of driving skills?” I was pretty sure that I would find that yes it is sometimes OK and my wife just needs to give me more grace for when I don’t get it perfectly sometimes. So the easiest way to judge Christian behaviour is to look at 1 Corinthians 13 which gives a rock solid definition of love.

My argument was that honking to let someone know that we want to go is like saying excuse me when Continue reading


Does What You Do Matter?

This is a topic I wrote for a safety meeting at my company. I might not actually get to share it so I hope it encourages or challenges someone here!

I want to share my perspective on something that applies to safety both directly and I think in a more important way indirectly. I want to talk about whether or not your job here matters. Like does it really matter? We all have lives outside of work and we generally believe that we are only here because we have to get paid in order to do what we want. Which is not this for most of us. Now I am going to try and not get philosophical about this because I think there are a few basic things we can all agree on. What does matter? Continue reading