Learn to Successfully Manage Your Money Stress Free!

“You just need to learn how to budget…”, you have been told over and over. Well now I am telling you that you absolutely do not need to learn how to budget! You need to learn how to do more than budgeting. Google’s definition of a budget is “an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.” This is actually not even the first step in managing your finances successfully. The problem with budgets is that we apply them to an unknown future and almost anyone that really needs a budget is going to run into financial complications in the future. If you had more money than you needed you wouldn’t be on this webpage but on one about how to maximize your investments or about which luxury car is the most sought after lol. So what do you need?

You need to Master your Finances.

Well wouldn’t getting really good at budgeting help me master my finances? The answer is it would if Continue reading


AutoHotkey 101

Autohotkey is a program that lets you use simple text commands to control almost everything on your computer. It has all the key programming features that let you do things like search through a string of text for commas, open all the Word files in a folder, rename every file that has “blah” to “super” or whatever you else you fancy. It even lets you build simple programs with menus. Autohotkey script files are just text files with a .ahk extension. To edit an Autohotkey script, simply open the file in a word program or right click on it and click edit or open with notepad. (Notepad++ is the best editor I like but Continue reading

Life Motto – Work Hard Play Hard?

You have heard the motto Work Hard Play Hard but I think that both parts in our culture too closely resemble self serving endeavors. Play Hard has also degraded for many to simply drink lots of alcohol which is a terrible life motto! Here is my suggestion to replace it…

Embrace Hardship because it builds Godly character

Rest Regularly to never lose touch with the peace beyond understanding (Hebrews Style Rest)

Create and Give as much as possible because Continue reading

What Does Love Look Like in Rush Hour Traffic?

My wife challenged me this morning on honking at someone that wasn’t accelerating fast enough for me (I almost missed a light). This has been an ongoing issue for us and so I decided to settle it once and for all with the Bible. I had one question going in, “Is it wrong for me to honk at someone who is preventing me from driving how I want due to their not paying attention or lack of driving skills?” I was pretty sure that I would find that yes it is sometimes OK and my wife just needs to give me more grace for when I don’t get it perfectly sometimes. So the easiest way to judge Christian behaviour is to look at 1 Corinthians 13 which gives a rock solid definition of love.

My argument was that honking to let someone know that we want to go is like saying excuse me when Continue reading

Revelations and the End of Life Exam

I am reading through Revelations (otherwise known as The Revelation of Jesus Christ) and I would like to share the first few things that have jumped out at me.

I Know Your Works

The Revelations Chapter 2-3 letters to the seven churches are all about showing us what God expects from us and will be looking for increasingly as it is coming closer to Jesus returning. First lets look at how each letter applies to us now. Notice the predominant theme of Jesus pointing out our works. We will look at why He does that more later. Try and think about which ones you can relate most to as you read.

Letter to Ephesus
-I know your works Continue reading

RC Project How to Choose Motors and ESCs (Speed Controls)


Go to Part 1 Project XFire Introduction
Part 3 The 3D Printer (Tevo Tarantula)

Electronics are the most expensive part by far for something like my RC project XFire. Like most, I am on a tight budget. I only want to build something if it is fun (fast and tough). But it also needs to be cheap. With all electronics the cost is usually related to the power that the electronics need to handle. P=IV so we need to consider both the current and the voltage. Like any product, availability is also a huge factor in cost. If China is making a million size x motors and less of size y then size y motors will probably not be the best value. Sometimes the availability will determine the cost more than the actual cost to manufacture the component.

Motors and kV (RPM/V)

In order to use a variable speed electric motor you need something that can moderate the voltage going to the motor. Continue reading

Bible Basics and Spanking

What is happening?

The Liberal government of Canada has said they would repeal the spanking law Section 43 as part of implementing The Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations. I want to clear up exactly what the Bible says about spanking as I have seen many simplistic interpretations of verses that don’t take them in context or apply other basic Biblical principles. Many people online are trying to interpret the Bible without first understanding Biblical basics. This always leads to getting the answer the person wanted before they started researching what the Bible says about a topic. I am not going to link to scripture to back up everything I say because I want to get to the point about how this all applies to spanking. If there are a lot of people that would benefit from the supporting scripture for something I will be happy to link to it and/or discuss it more.

Bible Basics

To start with lets talk about the fundamental truth of the versions of the Bible that have the Gospels. Continue reading

How to Design a Custom RC Car – Part 1


Go to Part 2 How to Choose Motors and ESCs (Speed Controls)
Part 3 The 3D Printer (Tevo Tarantula)

I have decided to create the most thoroughly documented custom RC car project ever! I think that many people have shared my experience of being really interested in some cool tech project but are too intimidated by the lack of documentation of the other cool projects they got their idea from. Or you simply understand several parts of your project but are not sure how to put them together. Or maybe you just don’t know the first steps to take to start your awesome project. Join me as I show you the process that you could take to accomplish a similar project. Continue reading

Engineering Tip – UN Threads

To any fellow engineers or machinists out there… I would like to share with you a fact I just discovered. UN thread pitch diameter tolerances are based on the Length of Engagement (LOE) of the thread. The default values you see in tables such as in the Machinery’s Handbook only apply to the standard ranges of LOE. For those who don’t know UN stands for Unified Inch Screw Threads.

See below for an excerpt from ASME B1.1 that details the standard LOEs. Continue reading

Building Projects with CMake and Qt Tutorial

Here is a real simple example of how to build a basic project with CMake and Qt. Hopefully this should be enough to get you started. In Qt just click open project and select the CMakeLists.txt file. Select the build folder and you are done. The code structure below works with any source files in the same folder as your CMakeLists.txt file. I set it up to build to a Debug folder in the parent directory/folder of the CMakeLists.txt file.

This CMake file will build my ModernTriangle example of how to use Qt 5.5 with modern OpenGL. Skip to the bottom of this post for some more info on why you might want to use CMake with Qt Creator. Continue reading