About Me

Creating For The Kingdom is about taking  the time to see what God is doing and how we can be a part of it. It is about sharing what I have learned with you so that we can walk together in some small way.

I am a 30 something year old Canadian family man, professional engineer and aspiring entrepreneur. I love Jesus and my goal in life is to become more like him and try and increase his kingdom of love and justice. I want to start a business that I can use to free up my time so that I have more time and resources to help anyone who is oppressed and doesn’t have someone that believes in them or the resources to succeed in life. I think that young people and creative types have the ability to solve pretty much all of the problems around them given the right resources and people that believe in them. I love to make stuff sometimes even if it ends up costing me more money and time in the end then it would have to just buy it in the first place. I also love downhill mountain biking, aggressive rollerblading and any other extreme sport I get the opportunity to do.

If anyone else wants to guest post about hobby/engineering projects or life/faith, just let me know!


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