Life Motto – Work Hard Play Hard?

You have heard the motto Work Hard Play Hard but I think that both parts in our culture too closely resemble self serving endeavors. Play Hard has also degraded for many to simply drink lots of alcohol which is a terrible life motto! Here is my suggestion to replace it…

Embrace Hardship because it builds Godly character

Rest Regularly to never lose touch with the peace beyond understanding (Hebrews Style Rest)

Create and Give as much as possible because we were designed to find fulfillment and joy in life giving activities

Celebrate Life because it is a gift and we only are here once

Always Remember the One who Loves Us since He is the only one that has/is what our hearts long for

Stand Up to Evil at every opportunity because we have already won and we as a people are responsible for the sin and destruction present in this world

Let the Bible Have the Final Word as there isn’t any other physical source of truth and wisdom that is as timeless, relevant and powerful to help



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