TekSavvy vs Shaw vs Telus for Edmonton and Sherwood Park Alberta Canada

TekSavvy for their 30mb cable internet plan offers a low rate of $45 per month. Including gst that is $26 cheaper per month than we were paying for Shaw and pretty much the same situation for Telus. The Shaw connection was quite slow for what we were paying. I heard good things about TekSavvy so tried to give them a shot. I was willing to drop $110 on buying a modem from them. On October 16 I ordered their cable service and was pleased that their superviser had the common sense to honoring their CBLSWTCH20 promotion even though I wasn’t technically cancelling a service and switching to TekSavvy at the same location (because I was moving). I did switch from Shaw. However, we moved and no charge or anything from TekSavvy!! They never processed my order. The nice man on the phone must have gone for a coffee and just let his computer shut off or something.

Fine, so I reorder today and now they won’t  honor their promotion for switching services. They just wasted two weeks of my time and now they want to charge me more for a stupid technicality!! NO! So I will just order Telus for 3 months of cheapish rate and then actually switch to TekSavvy. If you are reading this TekSavvy don’t be an idiot and take peoples money when they want to give it to you. Now Telus will get my money for a while and you will have to wait.

Also, the TekSavvy web order form was the most ridiculous order form I have ever seen. It failed to recognize my address, said I could continue and then failed to process my payment! Their website also had two billing mistakes on it that they said they would fix. The overage charge for data use was double what it said online and the cost of ordering a modem didn’t agree with their monthly payment listed (confirmed by sales). You see a lot of the word fail in the same paragraph as TekSavvy. I will post more when I see how TekSavvy’s actual service is if I am lucky enough to make it through all their roadblocks.

Rant over.

*see the comments for updates


3 thoughts on “TekSavvy vs Shaw vs Telus for Edmonton and Sherwood Park Alberta Canada

  1. Aliaa March 31, 2016 / 7:24 am

    Hello Steven. I came across your blog post when looking for Teksavvy reviews from users in and around Edmonton. I live in Edmonton and after 4 years with Shaw I have finally decided to switch because their service standards are, frankly, deteriorating everyday. I was mulling Teksavvy and was wondering if you did make the change from Telus after all; and if so, can you please let me know how the service has been for you so far and if you’d recommend it?

    Also, I saw some other posts on your blog. They do seem interesting. I’d, therefore, be visiting your blog again. Thank you and keep up the good work.


    • steventaitinger April 2, 2016 / 4:39 pm

      Hello Aliaa,

      I haven’t ended up switching to Teksavvy yet. Their terrible website, high startup costs and the inconsistent service over the phone have kept me from switching so far. Telus quality of internet in Sherwood Park has been good so far. Telus called me and gave me $10 off per month since I have a cell phone and internet with them. The Teksavvy cable switch promo has also been cancelled currently. That combination has made me no longer interested in switching. Also, often switching to Teksavvy means you don’t get internet for a while since the actual infrastructure providers (Shaw probably) don’t have any motivation to give you professional service switching to a competitor. It kind of sucks but the high startup costs are a bit of a deal breaker for people on a tight budget…

      Shaw on the other hand hasn’t stopped calling me. They keep propping up their amazing deals which when I actually get to the details aren’t even worth the time it takes to drop off the modem to my current provider. Shaw had bad customer service, bad internet connectivity and speed and bad ethics in my mind (continually calling when told not to).

      Also, thanks for your kind comments 🙂


      • Aliaa April 3, 2016 / 5:44 pm

        Thank you so much for such a comprehensive reply Steven.

        Well, in that case I think I’ll go with Telus. I just want to go away from Shaw as soon as possible and not give them any more of my money (sadly, will have to wait for the next billing cycle).

        Bad ethics have always been their way. I remember one Christmas season I got a call from a Shaw rep advertising/pushing their cable connection. Being on a budget – and because I’d rather prefer services like Netflix – I do not subscribe to cable connection. His aggressive pitting for a cable+internet combo was not going to change my mind. I said no multiple times. A week later I got a call from the Shaw on-field team seeking a window when they can come install my “brand new Shaw cable connection”. I explained the misunderstanding and politely explained that they would not need to visit my premises as I had declined the new cable connection offer from Shaw.

        The next billing cycle I received a cable bill along with my internet bill.


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