Fun Drum Set Project Idea

I had a good time making this (and playing it!) so I thought I would share it. If you live by an Ikea you can get really cheap kids kitchen utensils. My son is about 3 ft tall and the wood height of the drum set is about 17 in (ie roughly half). It is nice because he loves to dance and drum at the same time.


The hockey stick, I had lying around, helps with carrying it and is also fun to bang on. The 2x4s help to stabilize the set. The 2x4s weight helps balance the set as much as anything else. There is even a little drum stick holder on the side. The trickiest part is trying to find something that works as a real drum. I tried various different tapes out and a thin stretchy duct tape seem to sound the nicest. The black drum on the left is some left over vinyl material I had lying around. It doesn’t echo as much as the duct tape does. The drums on the side are a tape roll and some lino I wrapped in circles with glued layers.



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