The Meaning of Life for Steven Taitinger

Sometimes I get inspired and remember why I stand for the things I do and what my heart is founded on. I posted one of these rants here for reference so I don’t forget.

This is what it means to be truly alive. To be a lover of Jesus. I live for His voice! I live to respond immediately and with all my heart. To love the One that gave everything for me and the only One who has what I need. True love that never ends and never fails. To know that I owe it all to One I can never repay. To rely on His grace to try at all and to try always. To obey out of respect for who He is, what He has done and what He will do. To treasure the sweetness of His voice and presence over the seduction of a wasted life. To give into the humble stillness that builds awareness of my weakness and His greatness. To seek His wisdom above my understanding. To accept the consequences of my sin and to use my failures as motivation to give others grace and to value His kindness.

May this be my heart everyday Lord. If one day someone actually reads my blog and has a good picture to use as the featured image here let me know! 🙂

See ya,




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