Creo Tutorial – Advanced/Special Paste

Here is the first of a series of 3D Modeling in Creo tips I will be doing. Creo is made by PTC and is more or less the industry standard for engineering software. I get/have to use it almost everyday at work. Luckily for me, when things are slow for the next little while I will be able to write these tips for you!

Situations Where Special Paste might be Awesome:

1. You want to pattern a pattern of features

Ex. Offset hole pattern

2. You want to apply the same design intent to different references

Ex. Ratchet thread in two places on a body


Select a pattern you want to “pattern” and enter ctrl+c to copy the feature(s). Then select paste, special paste like below.


Then you will see this dialog


Ex. 1

If you have situation 1 where you want to pattern a pattern of features, you probably just need Apply Move/Rotate transformations to copies as well as the top option of Make copies dependent on dimensions of originals.

For a offset hole pattern you want to shift the plane of holes in a direction normal to a plane most likely.


Then you want to rotate the new plane of holes about an axis probably.


With both those transformations applied you get a nice offset hole pattern. You can do this multiple times rotating back and forth to get a series of offset hole pattern planes.


You could also set a relation so that the offset angles of the pattern copies = 360 / the number of holes from the reference pattern. Then you could change the number of holes in your reference pattern and the other copies would still have the correct geometry and offset automatically.

Ex. 2

If you have situation 2 where you want to reuse design intent in a different location on your model you just want the first and third options probably.

Let’s copy our geometry we want to reuse the design intent of.


Let’s reuse the geometry and make it associative while selecting new references.


Then let’s select the new thread relief walls that we want the new ratchet thread to go between. I personally find that when modelling threads it is best to dimension only off the centre line and the relief walls.


Also select the new starting relief edge ref. Then click accept.




This is a really easy way to copy a somewhat tedious feature to make. Making the ratchet thread from scratch again probably would have taken several minutes instead of seconds to copy and paste it.

If you have any other requests for tutorials or tips in Creo, Autocad or Autohotkey let me know!


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